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We Don't Find Players, We Create Them!

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Jones Family-

I have seen Coach Young at his best – as a teacher of the game of basketball. I have tried many different camps and clinics in the past. It seems that many other camps and clinics have gone away from the teaching and instruction of the fundamentals of the game. The Young World Ballers Camps and Clinics have brought back the importance of the “Little Things” that allow your son or daughter to improve and become a better player.

The Young World Baller Camps and Clinics are great for all levels and ages. My son plays competitive AAU basketball and his younger sister is just beginning to learn the basics of the game. The coaches tailor the instruction based on each child’s skill level to help them become better basketball players.

Young World Baller staff takes the game of basketball very seriously, but also knows the kids should have fun! As a parent, the Young World Baller Camps and Clinics are the type of teaching environment I would and will continue to send my son and daughter to.

"Congrats to Gregory for making his school JV Team, plus he's the youngest player to make the team"

Lanza family- 

I've been bringing my son to YW group classes for a few weeks and already see improvements in my son's ball handling skills. Coach Lammar is a master of his craft. His simplification of drills helps the player progress in a short amount of time. Whats also great about his teaching methodology is that he takes the time to explain how the drill is utilized in game situations. I highly recommend his clinics and classes.

 Granville family

Wow..What a job Coach Lammar and staff did with my son Julian. Ywballer's has improved him so much in such a short time. He went from being passive to being aggressive.He learned how to use his left hand ,ball handling, the right way to play defense, increase his speed, agility, attacking the basket, etc. The list can go on and is still growing with every practice, class, clinic, and camp he attends. In fact, he even taught Julian and I how to properly shoot the basketball where we finally have a good My son went from being chubby to an athlete with muscles and abs. I never been to a place where The Coaches really truly care about your child, it's more then just basketball to them. They care if he is learning the right way and make sure your child is 100% engaged. My son has so much fun while giving 100 percent 100% of the time because they expect nothing less then what they put out. They helped him from someone who was OK to someone who gets respect from players and Coaches. Coming from other programs where kids are treated like dollar signs I feel so releaved that I can put all my trust and my sons dreams in the hands of Coach Lammar Young and the Young World Ballers Organization Like Coach Stacy, Coach Tim, Coach Freddy, and all the coaches that help him.

Rubino family- 

Hello coach Lamar,

Just wanted to send you a text and tell you Angelo Rubino made the travel team for school! And everyone witnessed the vast improvement he has made, with all the help from you and the staff ! Thank you and I'm trying to get a few kids together to come and do some more lessons soon:) 

Thompsons family-

Greetings coach Lamar this is Jabari Thompsons mom just wanted to let you know that Jabari made varsity basketball team at his school Phillips Academy keep you posted on the games won this thank you for being his first coach and sparking his initial interest and being such a kind and gentle and focus coach thanks a lot

To GOD be the Glory thank you so very much for making it all possible many BLESSINGS over your life 

Latest News

Good morning coach

Darris won his 1st championship To GOD be the GLORY.

I wanted to thank you for making it possible. Darris really enjoys basketball.

He sends his thanks!! 


I just wanted to tell you that James had his "game on" this passed weekend :) I'll let him tell you about it this Thursday, but what a difference in his confidence. He wasn't scared to take the ball all the way to the net and he had fun, which we never see. He's usually stressed. He was so proud of himself and so were we. There was no whining, no excuses, he was just happy, so THANK YOU!!!

Marley made his school team and the only 4th grader on a sixth grade team. 

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Taylor family-

Young World Ballers have helped my son become a competitive basketball player. They knew how to push him and I could see improvement after each session. Through working out with YWB, I saw his game excel as he developed into a more well-rounded player. The training he received also gave him the confidence to try his best all the time and to never give up! There are alot of things YWB focuses on that most coaches and clinics overlook. If your child/player is looking to become better or have any kind of interest in playing the game of basketball, and want to get better at it, go to YWB training facility. They will learn many different things. Their fundamentals will improve a lot and by the time their training is over I guarantee he/she will become a better player!

Brown Family

Hello Coach,

Just wanted to finally touch base with you after our visit to New Jersey last Summer.

I was determined to get back in touch with you before the end of the year!

Ben and Nathan got a lot from the opportunity you gave them at YW Ballers to play with American kids their age.

They both came back to England with extra motivation to work hard to improve their game.

Ben is currently 13 playing in the English nationally basketball league. He plays for Manchester's under 14 Premier League team, which is one of the top teams in the country.

Between Christmas and New Year his team is playing in an international tournament in London against top England teams, plus Apollo Amsterdam and FC Barcelona.

Nathan is now 10 years old. He made Manchester's under 14 Development league team, which is also a national league team. He is one of the youngest players in the U14 Development league.

Nathan starts at the point. He's a very good ball handler, passer and very much a scoring point guard.

My wife and I really appreciate the way you accommodated them at YW Ballers.

Mr Brown

A story about players, a coach, and parents that made a wining team. p1

A story about players, a coach, and parents that made a wining team.

Imagine this...

We are facing a team that is equal competition. The competing team is keeping a 4-point lead or more throughout the game.

With 5 minutes left in the game and us being down by 12, I am calling a time out. The boys and one girl are emotionally down, they feel like the game is over and they have already lost. As a coach, I am trying to pick up their spirits and tell them to not give up and fight to the end, but even then, that seems not enough.

Now we are just under 5 minutes and down by 15. I am calling another time out for one more round of encouragement. As I have my clipboard in the huddle, I am noticing a lot more heads hovering over me than before. As I look up, I see the faces of the parents. A lot of them left the spectators bench to show the kids that they are in their corner. In this moment, the parents are giving every kid a sense of hope and the confidence that they can do it.

As the kids are going back onto the court, one can see the fire in their eyes, the intensity in their body language and the determination of not quitting.

A story about players, a coach, and parents that made a wining team. p2

Our shooting guard is coming down the court with the ball and shoots a three pointer; the stands and bench are yelling “good shot”. The same player is receiving the ball again, "BAM" another three. Now the stands are on the edge of their seat.

After our team is getting an offensive rebound from a missed layup, they find the same guard and this time the defense is running at him with full force. He fakes the shot dribble to the side and "Hoop, their it is" another three. The crowd is jumping up and rooting for their team.

Now were looking at about less than 2 minutes left, still down by six.

Our center position player goes for a layup and gets an "and one" but wait, one problem, the book keeping just recognized that he has five fouls. This means he fouled out and the play "and one" does not count.

In the next possession, the point guard comes down the court fakes the pass and hits a three pointer. Now we are down by three points.

After getting a defensive rebound, we are passing the ball to the point guard who comes down the court for the open three: sorry folks, he hits nothing but air. I look at him and all he has is a big smirk on his face: “Oops, my swag fell short".

It is about 53 seconds on the clock, still down by three.

AwardsA story about players, a coach, and parents that made a wining team. p3

It is about 53 seconds on the clock, still down by three.

After getting an offensive rebound from a missed layup, we are passing the ball around to find the open man and wait, who is it? Our shooting guard is open again. This time with pure confidence he shoots and another three pointer! The crowd is going wild. At this point, it does not matter whom you were originally cheering for, because everybody is now making noise for the East Orange YMCA.

With a couple seconds on the clock, our power forward who missed multiple lay ups during the game, is making sure the next one counts. Now we have the lead 38 to 36.

The team continues to hold the lead throughout the last seconds of the game and two time outs, just to go home 2-0.

Congratulations to the East Orange YMCA! We, as in the staff, parents and kids just showed so many people what hard work, teamwork, and not giving up will do for you.

Coach L. Young

"Teaching life lessons from court view"


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